Tiri’s Garden’s Big Day

The Rubber Hits The Road at 15th and California. Thanks to Rob from Paris on the Platte for the photo!

Did you miss Civic Center Eats yesterday? Going through Deluxe fried mac n cheese ball withdrawals? Fret not! Some of the big guns of Denver’s street food scene and a bunch of newbies will be amassed at 15th and California both today and tomorrow. You’ll see the Deluxe Truck, the Cupcake Truck, Paris on the Platte, and the Biscuit Bus as well as my recent favorite, El Caribe Arepas and a slew of others. I’m not sure who will be there, but you should check it out and let me know, since I can’t make it either day. This working for a living thing is really getting old!

Click on the image to enlarge the map!

Pizza and Beer with Basic Kneads and Great Divide

If you can’t make it out of the office for lunch today, there is some good news: The guys from Basic Kneads Pizza will be slinging up some fabulous ‘za (buffalo chicken or tofu pie!!!) at Great Divide. And who doesn’t need a Pizza and Beer Happy Hour on a Wednesday? ¬†After that, they plan to stalk the Denver Cruisers, too! And if you’re avoiding gluten, remember that these guys are working on perfecting a gluten free pie. Swing by and give them your input!