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Getting Your Truck or Cart on DSF dot com

If you’re new to the Denver Street Food scene and want to get your business listed on our site, let us know! Hit the Contact page and send us your Facebook and Twitter info as well as links to your website, pictures of your truck or cart, info on menus and where you’re rolling, and anything else you’d like us to share with our readers.

Other Vendor FAQs

We get a lot of questions from vendors and aspiring vendors. Here are the answers to some of the most common ones. If you don’t see your question here, please email us. We would love to help you out in any way we can.

Q: Who can I get locally to build a really cool and functional street food truck?

A: Denver’s finest, Chuck Courter of Team 20 LLC. You can reach him at team20llc AT comcast DOT net or by phone at 303-618-2937. Tell him we sent you!

A: True Kustom has built some of the sweetest food trucks in town. Email Josh at joshbourassa AT to get him on your team!

Q: Trucks are wicked expensive. How can I finance this endeavor?

A: We don’t know the guy, but Jerry McClurkin with Cooperative Capital has reached out to the truck community and expressed interest in helping new vendors get on the road. You can call him at 253-642-7006, or reach him via email at cooperativecapital AT

Q: How can I connect with other vendors in the Denver area?

A: Two ways: First, contact us and let us know you’re out there. We occasionally send emails out to the growing vendor community, and would love to add your name our list.

And for a strictly vendor community (no press or bloggers allowed!), join the Denver Street Food Vendors’ Google Group, started by our favorite pizza slinger, Eric Bakken of Basic Kneads.

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Q: What sort of rules and regulations do I need to abide by to stay legal?

A: Here’s the City of Denver’s Food Truck Guide. The city is currently working on revamping these laws (they haven’t been touched since 1998!) and they’re working hand in hand with some of Denver’s finest vendors to make them as friendly as possible to this emerging business model.

Q: What if I’m operating in other cities?

A: We’ll work on getting some resources for surrounding counties online, too. If you happen to know of any, drop us a line!

Q: Isn’t there some sort of professional association for street food vendors?

A: Not locally – not yet!  But as of February 2011, a team of vendors and an attorney are working on incorporating an association to advocate and organize vendors. Sign up for the vendor Google group above and stay tuned to this website for developments!