What You’re Doing for Lunch Today

I know you’re sad that Civic Center Eats is gone. Me too, people. Me too. Happily, some of your favorite food trucks were sad enough about it that they decided to not follow my lead. Instead of sitting in the dark crying about it, they’re circling the wagons – literally! ¬†Today from 11 -2, you can grab your fave street food from Bambu, NZ’s Smokin’ Guns, Alvie’s Eats, Quiero Arepas, Moe’s Original BBQ, The Uber Sausage, and Chef Driven. ¬†They’ll be there every Wednesday, too, for as long as you come to eat. Find ’em at 475 Santa Fe (map), conveniently near many bars for you noontime tipplers, and also right across the street from Infinite Monkey.

Lunch Truck It

No brown paper bags necessary. Just bring your lunch money.