Oh, Happy Dairy


Civic Center Eats on a fantastically-overcast day, before it really filled up.

Yesterday could, by all counts, be considered a perfect (dairy) day. After a great little coffee break with Shelly, our fearless food truck blogging leader, I scooted–yes, that’s a verb, meaning happily riding one’s scooter in the bliss that is Denver weather–over to Civic Center Eats. I’m just starting “My Street Food Year,” so food truck gatherings are both perfect and frustrating. Perfect because they offer so many different options in one place, and frustrating because I have yet to grow six additional stomachs in order to try them all in one go ’round. Hello and welcome to the proverbial “kid in a food truck candy store.”

Which was still great, because falling in love with Denver looks a lot like walking through a park mid-week, basking in the nice cool down that yesterdays’s overcast skies provided and listening to others rave about how awesome events like Civic Center Eats truly are. When your day’s largest problem is deciding between Fried Mac & Cheese Balls from Deluxe (thanks for the head’s up, Shelly) and grass-fed beef burgers (yet another reason to adore Colorado), life is good. Really, really good.

Opa! Mythos’ Gyro Hits the Spot

But what made today great is all kinds of happy, happy dairy. After taking in all my choices, I was craving Greek. Which means I landed in the lovely hands of Brenda behind the counter of the Mythos truck. I love myself a good gyro and went with the traditional version made with lamb. Best part about it? They didn’t skimp on the feta. Something magical happens to feta when the heat from its surrounding food makes it melt just enough to create something in between a liquid and a solid. (Daily sciencey-talk: check.)

The Mythos Truck + Feta Gloriousness

As a side note, I should be forthright with you now and let you know that any time I come across a food where one of the main ingredients is cheese or even dairy-based at all, I’ll babble on about it until you’re positive I cultured the milk myself. So take note now, vegans: skip ahead when you can’t handle my blathering any longer. Men should also take note: the fastest way to my heart isn’t just my stomach, it’s goat cheese, specifically. Chèvre, anyone?

Eating Alone Equals Best Friend-Making Strategy

But alright, back to the eating. After taking my yummy gyro back to an empty table in the park, I had the pleasure of being joined by a group on their work break. (Shout out to my new friends in the energy business!) They had just grabbed tacos from Pinche and we spent the next several minutes happily eating our food, talking about the blog and some other great eateries around town, including South Broadway neighbors El Diablo and The Hornet. Speaking of The Hornet: try their Cuban or pulled pork sandwiches, sweet potato fries or delish Shells and Cheddar with lobster and applewood smoked bacon. They even have their own version of street tacos I’ve found myself eating once or ten times.

Cream City Treats for a Perfect Finish

After finishing up my meal, I knew I had at least enough room to slide in a bit of dessert. Luckily for me, the Cream City Treats truck was right by my table. When I walked up to the window and asked their cheerful employee Elisa what her favorite thing on the menu was, I nearly fell over with excitement when her answer included something with “birthday cake ice cream.” Being that I grew up in Texas and all (don’t worry, I’m a Coloradan at heart), many of my childhood memories involve Birthday Cake ice cream from Bluebell. Which maybe, in part, explains what I looked like when I was in middle school. Unfortunately, no such explanations exist for my 80s bangs. But that was then, and this is now. And even though Bluebell is finally sold in Denver, as of March, I’m unbelievably excited to tell you that Cream City nails the flavor.

Hello, sugar heaven. Hello, dairy happiness. Hello, Denver…you perfect city, you. I’ll be working all that dairy bliss off in your mountains this weekend.

That’s two more trucks down. Shelly tells me there around 40 in our great city.

I am so enjoying this.

Ice cream sammy. Birthday cake between vanilla.