Food Truck Showcase this Saturday!

Manna From Heaven: One of the many awesome but unaffiliated food trucks that will be slinging some fine fare at the Food Truck Showcase on Saturday.

We’ve got the Justice League. We love them. We’ve got the Food Truck Renegades. We love them a lot, too. But if you’ve hit the awesome parties they’ve each thrown the past couple of weeks, you might have noticed some of your favorite trucks aren’t affiliated with these bad-ass, party-throwing street food alliances. Quiero Arepas, anyone? Or my new favorite, Manna From Heaven?!  Isn’t there a place where all the trucks in the whole city can just park it and feed us for a day? That’s exactly the question that Mike Levine, one of the Mikes in the Mikes2Kitchen trailer, has been asking himself. Lucky for you, he decided to do something about it.

Calling All Food Trucks!

Mike invited all the street food vendors we’ve been following here at Denver Street Food to strut their stuff, and a lot of them took him up on the offer, including some of your old favorites, and some of your favorites-to-be that you haven’t even tried yet.

This is not a party, per se. There will be no beer, no deejays. This time, folks, it’s all about the food. And maybe a little bit about that liquor store nearby and a few brown paper bags. For the record: I’m not encouraging illegal behavior. I’m just tossing around some ideas. <wink>

When:  Saturday, June 11th, 11a – 4p

Where: Festival Plaza at Mile High, 3200 W Colfax (corner of Colfax and Irving, just west of Federal) | Map

Here’s a sneak peek of  who you can expect to run into while you’re there – besides me of course. I’m seriously contemplating hitting them up for an early lunch (Chile Billy!) and coming back later for an early dinner and dessert (Route 40 and Cream City?!). Facebook links in the sidebar if you want to check ’em out!

  • Mikes2Kitchen
  • Street Eats
  • Crock Spot
  • Chef Driven
  • Coaches Scoop
  • Chile Billy
  • Manna From Heaven
  • The Bon Bon Buggy
  • NZs Smoking Guns
  • Mythos
  • Pinky the Cupcake Camper
  • Cream City Treats
  • Fat Sully’s
  • Alvie’s Eats
  • The Cozy Bean
  • Epicurean Catering’s woodfired pizza
  • Taco Bar
  • Route 40 Argentinian Grill

Talk to me, food freaks. Who will you be looking to try?!