Food Truck Renegades Party Rocked My Socks!

Last Friday I started Memorial Day weekend out right: by attending the kick-off party for Food Truck Renegades! The party took up a giant parking lot on 9th and Bannock (Capitol Hill area). With the trucks lining the outer edges of the space, the center was a mish-mosh of happy folks chomping down on delicious food and dancing to music.

My first stop was Steuben’s. An avid carnivore, I naturally went for the pulled pork sandwich. Some buttery slices of bread barely held in mounds of piping hot, savory pork, topped with crisp cole slaw. Let me tell you, these guys do not skimp on the portions!

I continued the trend of my love of meat right into dessert. Hopping over to Sweet Revenge, I instantly knew what to order: the Dark Chocolate Bacon cupcake. The cake was rich, yet light and fluffy; the frosting was whipped to perfection (not overly heavy), and the bacon bits on top?! Amazing. It was the perfect sweet and salty dessert.

Still have so many trucks to try… can’t wait for the next party! Which happily is tonight! Get your elastic waisted pants on, people, and hit up the Justice League party tonight! I’ll be there – probably in line at the Denver Cupcake Truck!

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