Great Food Truck Race, Denver: The Smackdown Begins!

I’ve spent a little time researching (it’s the librarian in me) and harassed a few folks experienced in this whole process (maybe that’s theĀ SagittarianĀ in me?), and here’s what I’ve learned about what Denver might expect from the impending Great Food Truck Race visit:

  • The trucks are in fact on their way
    The Great Food Truck Race wrapped in SLC this weekend and they will likely be arriving Wednesday. They plan to be here for a smackdown Saturday and/or Sunday. This is no longer speculation – it is a bonafide fact!
  • They will be in touch by Wednesday
    If things go the way they’ve gone in other cities, the competing trucks will reach out to local hosts this week, maybe as late as their arrival Wednesday. From what I gather, competing trucks will team up with local trucks to leverage their social media presence. Competitors are disallowed from using their own social networks/phones/computers during the competition.
  • Locations and times will be determined late in the game
    This means that if you want to support one of the competing trucks or one of your local favorites who is working with a competing truck, you should know where your favorite trucks will be every moment of this coming weekend! If I am understanding it right, each truck chooses a location in coordination with their chosen local support truck, and then they try to sell as much as possible from that location, promoting themselves entirely through viral/social media means.

We here at Denver Street Food will do what we can to keep you on top of the news as it happens, but the best thing you can do is follow your favorite vendors on twitter and facebook. You can also follow our Twitter list (either here, or using the widget in our sidebar) for the blow by blow as the weekend unfolds.

Shhhh! These Guys Are Sworn To Secrecy

I understand that the competitor trucks and their local support trucks are sworn to crazy secrecy until some point defined by the rules of the game, so even if I knew who may or may not be involved, if I told you, I’d have to kill you. That said – go out and do your best Encyclopedia Brown and Nancy Drew thing on vendors’ feeds – you can find them all in our sidebar. Report back in the comments here if you see anything that looks like a secret code saying “HOLY SH!T WE’RE GONNA BE ON TV!!”

I’ve got favorites in the Denver Street Food scene for sure, but on this one, we are all rooting for all of Denver’s amazing street food scene. Good on ya, vendors! Go forth and feed the masses. And, also, let me know when you hear something, will you!?