Great Food Truck Race Denver: The Photos

Holy cats that was a crazy weekend. It might take a while for us to really make sense of it in a readable way, but for the time being, I thought you might enjoy some photos. Below are some shots that I snapped from my phone on Saturday and Sunday at various events surrounding the Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race’s foray into Denver. I met some amazing food freaks out there (Shannon, Dave – did you take me up on that arepa offer? Castle Pines/Castle Rock /Highlands Ranch crew – did you eat your fill!?), met someone who is as nuts about Quiero Arepas as I am (Marcia, I hope you get your mushroom arepa soon!), and I might have even convinced someone to be our newest contributor at DSF (Lauren, I’m looking at you!). ¬†And on top of it, I ate some freaking amazing food. Seabirds and Hodge stole my heart!

Megan and some of the other foodies here at Denver Street Food have more photos and stories to share, so stay tuned. Also, if you’re a blogger/photographer that has posted about this great event, please let us know! We’d love to link back to anyone out there who is enjoying and supporting Denver’s growing food truck scene!