Food Truck Renegades Party reminder and a little preview.


New name

THE logo

Food Truck Renegades

New date

THIS Friday May 27, 2010 from 4-9pm

New trucks

The Bon Bon Buggy, Crock Spot & Mythos Greek

Some of our favorite regulars

Street Eats, Mikes2Kitchen, Stueben’s & Stick it to Me to name a few.

Same location

9th & Bannock

OH BOY, PoBoy!

The weather forecast is looking good so grab a few of your closest friends and family and head to the Food Truck Renegades Kickoff Party!

I went to the unofficial gathering earlier this month and lesson  learned, my eyes were bigger than my stomach.

Public enemy numero uno:  a full belly

Solution: share, share, share!

Fantastic Asian Lettuce Wraps!

There are so many good dishes to try and being Friday eve it’s time to kick back a couple of adult beverages.  Really, there are too many options to fill up on just one.  Take a few bites, share and then move on!

Mikes2Kitchen has the magic word-I can see ‘gumbo’  from a mile away.  Try their Andouille Sausage PoBoy.  Holy mother that thing is good.  Good.  Good.  Good.  While you’re at it get a side of their Mac’nCheese.  I dont know what those boys put in it or how their Gumbo tastes but I plan to find out and report back very soon!

Fried Mash Balls

Definitely stop by to see Rich & Sharyn with Street Eats to try out their Summer ready Asian Lettuce Wraps.  You’ll need something a bit lighter to keep yourself going.

After a brew or two try Stick it To Me’s Mashed Potato Balls.  Best balls I’ve ever had.  What?  Too far?  Fine.

But really, mashed potatoes…fried?  Win.

We look forward to seeing everyone there on Friday for the kick off of another beautiful weekend in Boomtown and a great Summer of street food to come!

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