Great Food Truck Race Coming to Denver?

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The Food Network's reality TV show, the Great Food Truck Race, rumored to be coming to Denver!

We’ve got it on pretty good authority that the Food Network’s reality TV show all about street food, The Great Food Truck Race, is coming to Denver sometime in the coming weeks.   They’re currently hitting up our neighbors to the west in  Salt Lake City – check out the SL Tribune’s Bite by Bite blog, maintained by Kathy Stephenson, for coverage of what’s going on there.  If the rumors are true, the Great Food Truck Race will be making its way across the Rockies once they finish up in SLC.

From what I gather, they’ll be settling into SLC this Friday for a street food showdown there, and then packing it up to hit Denver a week or two later. The crew apparently will reach out to the street food community once they arrive to determine a location and find some partners in street food mastery.  A street food extravaganza will be planned and the truck who makes the most money during that event  is deemed the winner of the round.  Or something like that. If I’ve got it all wrong, let me know. (Can you tell I don’t have cable?!)

Now you can eat your face off on national teevee, people! Or… so we hope.  You’ll know more when we do! In the meantime, where would you suggest a street food showdown take place in Denver?  Let us know in the comments below!