Welcome to Our New Contributors!

We here at Denver Street Food love what we do, but can’t deny that sometimes trying to keep up with our day jobs and social lives can be a bit of an impediment to keeping the site fresh. Looking back over the past 9 months or so of posts, if you look closely, you can tell when we’ve gone on vacations, when our jobs got crazy busy, or we were just having too much damned fun living in Colorado. The evidence? Virtual silence for weeks on end here on the site. We’ve occasionally put out pleas for contributors (especially omnivorous ones! Seriously – why did we think it was a good idea for two vegetarians to run a blog about an emerging food industry?!). Well, we couldn’t be happier to announce that two suckers readers have taken the bait! Please join us in welcoming our new contributors!

Megan Pena

Megan is a foodie who started cooking enthusiastically in 2007, spurred on by family and personal health concerns. She soon discovered that good and natural food isn’t just good for you, but super fun. She’s crazy about Mexican food and shrimp (did we mention she’s from Florida?), sweets, and barbecue, and she can’t resist a really well done burger and fries. She loves her job at a big insurance company – which surprises her as much as it surprises us! Feel free to follow her blog at http://dearjennyblog.blogspot.com/ (where, btw, you can find a pic of her enjoying a little cupcake!) or on twitter where she’s known as dearjenny.

Chef Pat TenEyck

Pat has been cooking for 25 years and currently runs her own personal chef service here in Denver (check it out at http://whosinthekitchen.net/). She grew up in a town about 60 miles from New York City. She loves good, non-pretentious food, and spends her vacations hunting down the best barbecue she can find and little eateries that she reads about. You might remember that we just posted a guest post from Pat a few weeks ago in which she raves about NZ’s Smokin’ Guns. She has been involved with the Great American Beer Festival for 16 years, and also helped organize the first ever Colorado AIDS Walk.  You can find her blog at http://denverpat.blogspot.com/, and follow her on twitter at chefpatt.

Both of these folks love to eat and plan to track down as much  Denver street food as possible, and share their experiences here on DenverStreetFood.com.  You can expect to see Megan’s first post tomorrow morning (she recently tracked down Street Eats!), and Pat will likely be weighing in in the coming week or two, as well.  Pat, Megan – welcome and thank you!