Frock Out!

Remember the Frock Out event that I told you about a few months back? Well it’s here! The event is tomorrow at the Central Branch of the Denver Public Library and kicks off at 7:30 pm. The event itself has sold out – which is great news for the organizers, and sad news for those of us that haven’t grabbed a ticket yet.  Seriously, how great does this sound?!  From the DPL Website:

Take twelve ingenious designers who are determined that you’ll remember their name, add in Denver’s creative impresaria, Tran Wills – throw in great music, glam lighting, mix it up with performers, burlesquers and curiosities and you’ve got the ingredients for a spectacle. Add our special guest, Project Runway’s current design darling – Mondo Guerra – and the Sideshow becomes the main attraction!

Did you catch that, Project Runway geeks?! Mondo will be present!

Of course if you didn’t purchase your tickets, there’s still fun to be had that, if you’re reading this, is right up your alley. If you head to the library tomorrow after about 2 or 3pm, you’ll be greeted curbside by some combo of Deluxe’s Little Orange Rocket, Steuben’s Truck, and The Denver Cupcake Truck.  So, grab all the overdue books and DVDs you’ve got laying around the house, and take them – and your appetite! – down to DPL tomorrow. Vendors were invited to stay at the library until about 10pm, so make a night of it!

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