Civic Center Eats: Last Day? Or Not?

Last Day? We hope not!

Update: I am calendrically challenged. NEXT week is the slated last date of CCE. But the good news, straight from the horse’s mouth and not just the rumor mill, is that they event organizers and vendors are working hard to extend through September. Stay tuned for more updates!

We’ve heard a few rumors that Civic Center Eats may be extended past today’s originally slated end date. Fingers crossed! This great outdoor event is perfect for Colorado’s long Indian Summer afternoons, and ending in the dog days of August would be a shame! If you haven’t made it down, though, make sure to get out today – it may be your last chance!

The Deluxe Truck has apparently changed up their menu a bit, and I’m eager to see what they’ve got to offer!

Deluxe, Steuben’s, The Steamin’ Demon, Sugar Lips Donuts, 528Degrees Pizza and more will be serving up fine fare in the park from 11 til 2pm today. Eat it!

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